About Us

  Operation Catnip Stillwater (OCS) is run entirely by volunteers including veterinarians, veterinary students, veterinary technicians, undergraduate students and other community volunteers. OCS will be using an efficient, high volume "Spay Day" where we have a goal of sterilizing 300 cats in one day. The program is solely funded by donations, fund-raisers and grants. Operation Catnip will be loaning traps out to caregivers and volunteers providing specific instructions on humane trapping, holding procedures and post-surgical release. At the clinic, cats will be anesthetized and surgically sterilized, the left ear will be tipped for identification purposes and vaccinations will be administered. The cats will then be returned to the caregiver in the trap later that day. The cats will then be released back into their colonies the following day and the traps will be returned.

Operation Catnip Stillwater estimates that it costs $30 to treat each cat at our high volume clinics. This cost estimate is very low because generous veterinarians and other volunteers donates their time and skills at the clinics, OSU generously donates the use of their facilities to our organization and we are able to get some of our supplies donated. We greatly appreciate all of our volunteers, donors and affiliates! Operation Catnip Stillwater would not be possible without them. THANK YOU!!

All of the clinics will be held at the Oklahoma State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. OCS will hold 8 clinics: one clinic during each of the following months September - November, January- May.

8 clinics x 200 cats (at least) = 1,600 cats/year!

The Benefits
Operation Catnip WILL
Operation Catnip WILL NOT
Stabilized/smaller feral cat colonies Sterilize local free-roaming feral and stray cats Sterilize owned pets or strays being adopted or placed in sanctuaries
Fewer public nuisance problems Provide routine vaccinations Accept cats for adoption
Decreases shelter euthanasia rates Tip the left ear for sterilized cats Relocate cats
Lower animal control costs Loan traps for clinic participation Participate in cat trapping for euthanasia or release to animal shelters
Improved lives for stray and feral cats Provide booster vaccinations to cats already sterilized  
Increased number of rabies vaccinations administered¬†    
Feral Cat with Vet