Operation Catnip Stillwater Discharge Instructions


  1. Upon discharge each cat will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and will have the left ear tipped for identification purposes.
  2. Please pick up your registered cats at the designated times at the end of the clinic day. This time will be given to you after registering the morning of the clinic.
  3. Please release the cats the morning following the clinic. This will allow for the anesthesia to completely wear off before the cats are released into their natural environments – this is essential for the cat's safety!
  4. Do NOT try and touch the cats while they are recovering. They will seem sleepy for most of the night – this is normal! Keep the cats in a place that will protect them from extreme temperatures and weather (ex: garage). Covering the traps with a light sheet is a good way to keep them calm, ensuring proper ventilation.
  5. Do NOT feed the cats the night after the clinic in the traps. They will be able to eat the following morning after releasing them. If you have kittens they NEED to be feed the night following the clinic after they are able to stand.
  6. If there are any major problems the night following the clinic please call Operation Catnip Stillwater with the number provided at discharge (ex: excessive bleeding from surgical site, groggy cats 24 hours after the clinic etc. – some bleeding from the left cropped ear is normal)
  7. Please return the traps to Operation Catnip Stillwater at the trap depot (at the allotted times on the discharge instructions) and your deposit will be refunded.


It costs approximately $30 per cat to run this program. Operation Catnip Stillwater runs entirely on grants, donations and fundraisers. Your generosity is always greatly appreciated!