Operation Catnip Stillwater Outreach

Operation Catnip Stillwater is the only provider of free feral cat sterilization in Stillwater, OK. Approximately 200-300 cats are sterilized at each monthly clinic. However, reservations for these clinics fill up, and qualifying cats are turned away each month. Also, some colonies have one or two cats that are harder to trap than the other community cats and do not get trapped the first or second time. In order to meet this need, local veterinary clinics have joined Operation Catnip Stillwater to provide a "community cat care package," which includes sterilization, vaccination, and ear tipping in these private clinics for a markedly reduced rate. This program, called Operation Catnip Stillwater Outreach, allows caregivers to access this network of local veterinary clinics throughout the month. Caregivers rent out traps for a completely refundable deposit of $50 per trap from OCS. Caregivers then make arrangements directly with the participating clinics after the cat(s) are trapped. This program allows caregivers more flexibility in managing their colonies. Difficult to trap cats can be sterilized at any time during the month. Caregivers contribute a co-payment ($30 in 2007) per cat at the time the cats are delivered to the clinics, leaving a balance of $30 per cat for OCS to subsidize. For more information on OCS Outreach, contact OCS at operationcatnipstillwater@gmail.com.