Pre-Operative Instructions

Operation Catnip Stillwater Pre-Operative Instructions

  1. Bring the cats to the scheduled clinic between 8AM and 9AM. The clinics will be at the Oklahoma State University Veterinarian Teaching Hospital. There will be signs directing you to Operation Catnip Stillwater.
  2. Please do not bring more cats than you registered for.
  3. Do not give any food or water after midnight the night before surgery. If there is a possibility that a cat has eaten the morning of the surgery please let us know when you check in because complications could be fatal.
  4. Cats must be at least 3 months old. If you are unsure of a cat's age, please bring the cat to the scheduled
    clinic for OCS staff to determine.
  5. If females are still nursing kittens do not trap that female just yet. If the kittens are eating solid/canned
    foods, they should be fine alone for the day. Ensure to leave food out for them while their mother is gone.
  6. Covering the cats with a light sheet while in the trap will help to calm them. Please ensure that there is proper airflow. While waiting for the clinic, please keep the trapped cats in an area out of extreme temperatures and weather.

If any protocols/instructions are violated OCS reserves the right to prohibit violators from future clinics.

Feral Cat with Litter