Registration Information

Thank you for contacting Operation Catnip Stillwater. If you wish to bring community cats to our next clinic please fill out this online registration and follow the directions below it.

  1. If you can not fill out the online form, please fill out this form or contact Operation Catnip Stillwater (405-338-5184) with the following information: Name, address, phone number, e-mail, number of cats you plan to bring, and the clinic date requested.
  2. Please wait for confirmation on your request clinic date. If the clinic requested is full you will be placed on the waiting list – you will be called if any there are any cancelations or registered for the following clinic if not. Contact Operation Catnip Stillwater ASAP to register for a clinic – spots fill up fast!
  3. Tips while you wait for your confirmed clinic date: read up on trapping instructions, preoperative instructions, and discharge instruction so you understand what to expect next! If you are new to trapping cats please watch our trapping tutorial video (How To Trap tab Under Traps). Please email us at any time with questions/tips for trapping cats!
  4. If for any reason you do not show for a registered clinic, you must reregister for the next clinic.
  5. Please do not come to a clinic without a reservation confirmed by phone or email.

Reservation Protocol

  • If you do not trap any cats and do not show up for your reservation, you must reregister for the next clinic.
  • If you make a reservation and then cannot make it, please contact us so that we can give your spots to another volunteer. Do not give your unused slots to others – please contact us and let us do the work.
  • If you trap fewer cats than you are registered for, bring them! Please do not fill in your empty slots by contacting others to use them. We overbook each clinic knowing the overall success rate will be less than 100%.
  • If two cats are caught in one trap, bring an empty trap with you to the clinic. The cats will be separated after they are sedated. Even with multiple cats per trap, you may still only bring the registered number of cats to the clinic. The cats will be returned in the separate traps during pick up.