Trapping Guidelines

Operation Catnip Trapping Guidelines

  • All cats MUST be brought in a commercial, humane trap that is appropriate size for cats (raccoon or cat sized).
  • Operation Catnip Stillwater loans traps out to ALL volunteers for a totally refundable deposit of $50. If you rent a trap from OCS you MUST return the trap within the week to receive your deposit back!!
  • The trap depot is located behind Stillwater Animal Welfare. The depot hours will be given to volunteer trappers following registration and at discharge.
  • Cats brought to the clinic in the following will NOT be accepted: cat carriers, cardboard boxes, plastic bins, dog carries, homemade traps etc.
  • Please bring only one cat per trap! This ensures your safety and the safety of our staff.

The traps Operation Catnip Stillwater will be renting out: